My Sex life

A daily(ish) update on sexual activity and thoughts


Please browse through the archive or use the index on the left to access our blog. This blog contains sexual references that may offend some, so if you’re easily offended or under 18 please do not access this blog.


I’m James in my mid forties, white and hetrosexual. I am about 185lb and about 6′ in height and quite well built. I’ve lost most of my hair and so now razor (number one) the rest of my hair.

My wife is Sarah she’s in her early forties also white and hetrosexual (as far as I know). She is about 118lb and 5′ 6″, she is a red head and good looking (in my opinion).

We’ve been married for nearly 15 years and whilst I’ve had quite a few sexual partners before we were married (though my wife does not want to talk about this at all and never has), Sarah has only ever known me a sexual partner.

During the last 15 years we’ve both been 100% faithful (to my knowledge Sarah has remained faithful to me). Is this average these days or an exception? Probably 20 years ago it would have been the norm, these days it’s very hard to know what the norm is.

We have ‘tried’ a number of different sexual activities, but always with each other. For most of you more ‘extreme’ guys out there you’d probably laugh and find it all rather tame. But for us, we’re pushing our boundaries a little. I’ve also discovered the Sarah like to make me reassess what she will and won’t do from time to time. It’s this aspect of our joint sexuality I find most interesting and I hope you will too. As an example she only ‘swallowed’ two years ago. More importantly this was not after years of me nagging, this was a bolt from the blue. So what else might she do in a year or two.

There is no doubt that as we’re both getting older sex is changing, but for the better. It has become more varied and our minds are working a lot harder on pleasing not ourselves but each other.


Hi, I am located in the UK and was born in the mid sixties (so I’m now in my mid forties). I thought I’d write a blog on my sex life. I’m no guru in the area of sex or women, but I thought there may be someone out there that may be interested in someones ‘normal sex life’. I’ll cover the ‘actual facts’ in detail, so those looking for a little titallation should be reasonably satisfied. I’ll also cover some of my fantasies and those of my wife (who I shall call Sarah).

However there won’t be any pictures of me or my wife. This blog is not imaged based pornography, but in a way it is textual pornography. In my view the ideas and mental imagary of a straight forward text are much more powerful than images. In addition the area of image based pornogrphy is well catered for. So please look elsewhere for pornographic images.

See here for more details.

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